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Our track record writing software for companies like Adobe, Docusign, and Joyent demonstrates our success.

Software development services that will help your business grow

Whether you’re looking for professional custom software development, web development, mobile app development, or software testing services you’ve found the right company.


We’ll turn your ideas into powerful apps.

SilverTree has a dedicated team of talented software developers focused on mobile application development for the iOS and Android platforms, as well as web applications adapted for mobile devices using Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile, and running in HTML5 apps in containers like PhoneGap. Our mobile development team is accompanied by a QA team, who can verify the quality of applications, prepare test plans, and do testing, defect tracking, analytics and reporting. During our years of extensive work on mobile projects, the team has gained valuable experience in providing solutions that fit customer needs, following UI guidelines and recommendations specific for each mobile platform. SilverTree’s knowledge of best practices will optimize your mobile app’s performance for an application that works well and looks great.

Salesforce Platform

SilverTree has been developing complex Salesforce custom applications since 2008.

Our highly skilled, cutting-edge Salesforce Platform expertise allows us to take care of hard-to-solve problems and to take advantage of advanced Salesforce technology. Services include:
  • Large-scale development projects

    Projects requiring a complete team including a project manager, an architect, developers and QA experts.This team will guarantee success, and will be on time and on budget.
  • Salesforce customizations

    Salesforce customizations that extend the power of your Salesforce implementation, including integration with legacy and external systems and the development of mobile applications.
  • Work-Relay Implementation

    Implement and customize Work-Relay, our Salesforce enterprise-level process and project management system.


Extensive experience working with many JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Service include:

  • Architecture and Design: Design your application to meet the exact requirements of your web development project.
  • Performance Tuning: Optimize and implement best practices that improve your web development performance efforts.
  • User Interface and User Experience: Utilize widget development and application best practices to optimize your web development project.
  • Custom Development: Custom plug-in development, version migration and cross-browser verification.
  • node.js: One of our key competencies is building data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices using node.js. Node.js provides the ability to use a single language on the front-end and back-end, as well as great tooling support and a thriving module ecosystem, making it our go-to tool for projects that need to scale massively.


Deep expertise in Adobe technologies

SilverTree has participated in software development and infrastructure development for different Adobe solutions, including Adobe LiveCycle and Communique (CQ5). We are currently working on the Social Communities module for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This includes, for example:
  • User management
  • Social website creation and management
  • Social forum
  • Social journal
  • Questions and answers
  • Forum / journal / QnA email reply
  • Social calendar, with event sharing inside the community group, with event invites etc.
  • Content moderation
All development is done in Java (JCR/CRX, Sling, OSGi) on the back-end, and HTML/JavaScript with Backbone and Handlebars templates on the front-end.


A powerful platform for powerful apps.

SilverTree builds and deploys Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Java apps on the Heroku platform. Heroku supports smart containers, instant scalability, continuous delivery and collaborative development. Its pre-integrated add-ons and managed data services are optimized for app developers. We also build apps on Heroku that are tightly connected to Salesforce’s data model. SilverTree also develops software and web based projects using Google go language and can bring your project to the frontier of development. Golang was created to handle the complexity of large teams working on large pieces of software written in languages with large feature sets.


SilverTree built the Docker UI for Joyent’s Triton container infrastructure for making Docker deployments easier.

Docker allows your IT department to build, ship and run distributed applications, unchanged, on laptops, data center VMs, and any cloud. Docker provides lightweight virtualization with almost zero overhead. You can benefit from an extra layer of abstraction offered by Docker without having to worry about the overhead. You can also have many more containers running on a single machine than you can with virtualization alone. SilverTree Docker experts can help you customize and integrate Docker to meet both IT and business needs for your organization’s ongoing development needs. SilverTree can implement Docker drivers leveraging our deep expertise in the Go programming language.

Quality Assurance

Manual and automatic testing of applications any size and level of complexity.

An experienced QA team performs analysis of requirements, validation, end-to-end testing, performance testing, and ongoing quality control.
Our experience includes the provision of high quality software testing and test automation, development of functional and performance test scenarios, usage of continuous integration tools, and the ability to work as part of an agile development team.
We develop manual and automatic test scenarios based on requirements/user stories using the Cucumber script language.
System administrators and operations resources can set up QA servers in the cloud on platforms like Amazon, Heroku, Joyent, and Salesforce. Software products are run in special modes to enable specific conditions for testing. production environments.
Our QA lab has a full set of devices so we can perform tests with different combinations of devices and versions. Testing includes UI tests, functional tests, browser- compatibility tests, etc.