Application Development Accelerator for Salesforce

Application Development Accelerator for Salesforce

10-20x faster at half the cost!

Go beyond point-and-click without code

Concentrated power

Brings together everything you need to build applications in one place.

Complexity made simple

Designed specifically for business analysts and Sys Admins who don’t write code

Short learning curve

Not only do you not need APEX, you also don’t have to be an expert in Salesforce.
The SilverTree Accelerator solves a common problem faced by many organizations that have implemented Salesforce, and now want to maximize their investment in the Salesforce platform: they don’t have easy access to, or budget to hire, developers who can build solutions that are more intricate and demanding than the out-the-box point-and-click functionality provided by Salesforce.
This is a significant limitation for Salesforce customers. By effectively solving this problem, the Accelerator allows these organizations to reap enormous benefits with minimal cost and effort.
Give it a try! Let us show you how it’s done.

Give us the requirements for the app you want to build, and we’ll create a Proof of Concept for you for free.

Filling the gap

The Accelerator fills the gap between out-the-box Salesforce point-and-click and Salesforce coding.

All the help you need when you need it

You build it

We’ll show you how to use the Accelerator so you can build your own applications.

We build it

We’ll build applications for you using the Accelerator in minimal time and at low cost.

We build it together

We’ll help you build your first few applications and then you can choose to build more yourself.

A complete framework and toolkit

The Framework

The framework provides a standard approach for non-coders to build high-quality Salesforce applications. It significantly reduces the amount of Salesforce platform knowledge that would otherwise have to be mastered.

The Toolkit

A comprehensive, unified set of tools built into the framework:
  • Advanced Process Designer
  • Dynamic Form Designer
  • Powerful Action Designer
  • Flexible Kanban Designer
  • Intelligent Schedule Designer

Examples of applications build with the Accelerator

Health & Life Sciences

  • Manage multi-level clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Manage emergency room patients as they move from admissions through release.
  • Track, consolidate, aggregate and report on payments to healthcare professionals (HCPs).
  • Manage intake and detection, safety information management, and adverse events reporting.


  • Manage global application processes for third-party intermediaries for an energy company.
  • Streamline the handling of subscription cancellations for solar panel companies.
  • Orchestrate multiple systems to provide an end-to-end custom manufacturing process.
  • Manage the authorization of Parts Return, including Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), for claims payment and quality inspections.


  • Implement new equipment in thousands of stores worldwide by coordinating hundreds of franchises and a multitude of collaborating participants (vendors, training, government, etc.).
  • Track in-store and remote-site inspection tracking, auto-generate work orders and ensure managers have real-time views and analysis of store conditions.


  • Accelerate onboarding and time to revenue.
  • Increase compliance consistency.
  • Improve risk assessment.
  • Facilitate guided claims processing.

Travel & Transportation

  • Provide a continuous stream of updates to passengers as they progress through their journey from multiple back end systems.
  • Manage damage claims reporting including document management, escalations, business rules, records of incidents, reports of work durations and end-to-end process management from incident creation to invoicing.

Public Sector

  • Streamline the management of physical incidents that take place in the field.
  • Manage regulatory submissions and increase submission quality by integrating data from multiple sources to and eliminating manual processes and data errors.


  • Manage VOIP implementations.
  • Manage outsourced antenna sites for the wireless communications and broadcast industries.


  • Manage a complex process with rigid sequencing steps and limited time frames for completion with real-time visibility into status and the active participation of equipment in the process.

Real Estate

  • Manage the onboarding process for setting up franchisees of mortgage services, providing the ability to control the timing of each step in the process.
  • Automate contract approvals, following a step-by-step predefined process.


  • Facilitate the ability to create process variations for different customers to ensure optimum outcomes.
  • Create fulfillment processes that are triggered automatically upon the addition of digital products to an Opportunity. Cross dependencies inherent in multiple products sold to an account require constraints so that one product’s fulfillment is dependent upon another product’s fulfillment.
  • Manage resources by providing insights into what people are working on and how long each task takes, manage priorities, track status in real-time, and match resource skills to each step in the process.