Creating the organization’s process management playbook

In the future of work, employees must be empowered to operate at their full potential, and this requires a workplace that has freed itself of unnecessary and debilitating boundaries. It is only then that companies can hope to meet the business challenges of the fast-changing global economy.
Cognizant, Future of work enabler: Worker Empowerment
A playbook is like an overall game plan in football. As in any sport, rather than trying to define all the ways the game will be played, you outline the properties and behaviors of the players and systems so they know how to behave when different “plays” come up. Things can be changed on the fly if necessary, and approvals, cooperation and exceptions are built into the process.
process management playbook A playbook spells out the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for every participant, and lays out all the possible activities, paths, and resources.
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Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) on the Salesforce Platform


Anyone who is working on projects and is concerned about on-time delivery should care about CCPM. Therefore, those who should care include CIO’s, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, program managers and project managers.” – Gartner, April 2016

What if you could …

  • dramatically shorten overall project duration (without adding resources);
  • significantly improve project delivery date reliability;
  • provide highly effective “early warning” of threats to project delivery; and
  • enable earlier, less drastic, more focused responses to potential problems? 

These are some of the benefits offered by Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). CCPM is a method of planning and managing projects that significantly increases the speed at which processes can be completed, by reducing the impact of negative behavior, uncertainty, and limited resource availability.

And yet …

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