7 Benefits Xpeditor Can Deliver to Your Organization Today

Salesforce App Cloud opens up a new world of exciting opportunities for new business solutions that will turbocharge your organization’s success.
To help you get the most benefit out of App Cloud as quickly as possible, Xpeditor offers an extensive amount of off-the-shelf functionality that can result in significant ROI.
Using Xpeditor, you can:
  1. Get a quick start on Salesforce App Cloud
Xpeditor makes it easy for business users to build their own applications without training or IT.
  1. Extend the reach of Salesforce process management functionality
Xpeditor provides a single solution for the full spectrum of business processes.
  1. Implement common processes quickly using process templates
Use the 30+ Xpeditor templates as a starting point to document your own processes. Customize them to fit your business and put them in production.
  1. Manage complex projects
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Build a Process Competency Center for Salesforce

By engaging with end users and helping them help themselves, IT can accelerate the exploitation of new technology and help end users create competitive advantage and build closer links to their business peers, while managing the risks of EUAD (End User Application Development).
– Ian Finley, Research Vice President at Gartner
The key to making Salesforce Admins successful with building process-driven applications is to build a Process Competency Center.  The objective of the Process Competency Center is to support business units as they build their own solutions, either on their own (with community support through the enterprise social network) or with support from other resources. The Process Competency Center makes available whatever users need to get their solutions built, as well as protect them from making mistakes, including things like legal infringements and security violations. Having a centralized or departmental situational process Process Competency Center also makes it easier for business units to share administrative and other service costs.
It includes the following functions:
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Xpeditor – A unified process management platform

Cloud computing makes it possible to create new “business operations platforms” that will allow companies to change their business models and collaborate in powerful new ways with their customers, suppliers and trading partners – stuff that simply could not be done before.
-Peter Fingar, Dot.Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform
By using a single platform, applications share the same data, social network, and user security. Any application has access to any data, flow or task. Therefore, workflows and business processes can be shared among customers, departments, and external agencies, all without disruption. With everyone using the same platform, there’s no need to reproduce or copy-and-paste data into different systems depending on who is working from where.


Fragmented solutions built on multiple platforms are expensive to maintain in aggregate. Siloed applications are harder to pull into an interconnected ecosystem. Having just one platform supports the move from monolithic applications for groups of users to multiple user-centric applications built on a common platform.
The following example compares the complexity of building and maintaining applications with and without an enabling platform:
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Process Management on Salesforce App Cloud with Shadow IT

Citizen developers are here to stay and will fundamentally change the future of IT work. How you embrace them will determine the future of IT within your organization and define the role IT plays in the creation of new innovative business practices.
– Mike Rollings (Gartner), Citizen Development: Reinventing the Shadows of IT

In need of Shadow IT?

It is becoming easier than ever for a business to procure cloud-based services without IT involvement. If IT doesn’t add value, business units will simply work around it, and that would lead to a much smaller and less impactful corporate IT resource. On the other hand, by working with users to provide them with an effective way to develop and deploy solutions, IT can greatly expand its reach and enhance its value.
Salesforce App Cloud provides opportunities for IT to:
  • Put business solutions in the hands of the business. The more business users are empowered to build their own solution (or to at least frame them out to a point where someone else can finish it), the stronger the result will be.
  • Cultivate good corporate citizens. Steering citizen developers to the most supportable and upgradeable techniques—through governance—enhances the long-term value of their solutions.
  • Reduce IT burden. By empowering citizen developers to make their own customizations confidently without posing risk to the environment, IT becomes free to focus on more value-added projects. And, when fully engaged users ask for help, their requests are likely to be better thought out and more realistic for the benefit of the SharePoint platform.
  • Enhance the IT/business relationship. In many organizations, IT is increasingly viewed as overhead or a roadblock, not an enabler – hence the rise of citizen development. Through a legitimized citizen development program, IT can better understand what the business needs and wants, while giving users the freedom to build preferred solutions on their own timelines.
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