The huge advantage of Salesforce BPM independent software vendors (ISVs)

Companies buy project and process management products because they need a project or process management solution. It’s highly unlikely that companies are buying these products because they have a great mobile or social platform, or an awesome UI builder or database manager. This functionality is simply the price of entry into the marketplace.

For software product developers that build 100% native Salesforce applications, all that capability is the starting point.   Everything you need – infrastructure, security, database, file management, mobile, etc. – is taken care of by Salesforce. All that software developers need to focus on is their product – the part that isn’t a commodity.

If you start from a blank slate, on the other hand, you have no choice but to develop, maintain, and upgrade all this core functionality. This chews up a huge percentage of time and money that is not being spent on the functionality that makes your product unique, and what the client actually cares about.

And it gets worse. As technology changes, these vendors need to keep up with an ever-moving target. Developers on the Salesforce platform, on the other hand, simply inherit functionality that exploits the new technology – at no cost, and no effort – all taken care of courtesy of Salesforce.

As time goes by, this disadvantage faced by independent vendors becomes increasingly more critical. Companies already using the Salesforce platform (and this is a significant percentage of forward looking companies) are going to want to find solutions that are built on the Salesforce platform, because the benefits of doing this are enormous. (See 18 advantages of 100% native Salesforce applications).

The impact of products built on the Salesforce platform versus those that are not is going to become clearer with the passage of time.Something to think about when selecting solutions for your organization.

3 thoughts on “The huge advantage of Salesforce BPM independent software vendors (ISVs)

  1. Good day Jonathan, will look forward to meeting you in the near future. I have the honor of serving on the NRS Board with Joyce, and was glad to have helped Jenna with her career pursuits. Small world dept. Gregg Reid mentioned your name to me yesterday, and I have applied to Chicago PUG group membership.

    My new firm, McNabb Technologies, LLC developed a 100% native Salesforce marketing automation tool, and are close to finalizing our ISV Partnership and launching this business. We started the process as marketers, seeking a better solution to support our brands Sunology and Cate McNabb. Salesforce liked our approach, sought us out, and have supported the creation of McNabb Technologies and TouchCR as an ISV Partner to sell TouchCr to the external marketplace. This downloaded document will help us sell the value of Salesforce and re-inforce why we opted for the 100% native Salesforce approach.

    I will value the opportunity to connect with you, meet you, and likely you can provide valued insight to our new adventure.

    We are seeking SI Partners, and I would like to explore this with you as well.

    Have a great day Jonathan, and my best to Joyce.

    Warmest regards,

    Kevin Carlson
    Managing Partner TouchCR

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