An Executive’s Guide to Agile BPM. Are Your Ready?

Agile BPM can transform your business by managing structured and unstructured business processes — with the flexibility to improve those processes on the fly — for unsurpassed business responsiveness and success.
Is Your BPM Solution Agile Enough?
Clearly, BPM has been highly successful at automating predictable, repetitive business processes. But it’s failed to provide similar gains in productivity and efficiency in the most critical area of your business – less predictably, knowledge-based work. The tasks and activities — performed by your most highly skilled and compensated employees — seldom follow the predictable, repeatable paths best suited for traditional BPM. Yet improving these processes can provide enormous lift to corporate performance and to your bottom line.
Your BPM solution must accommodate the entire range of work and support human-driven, system-driven, structured, unstructured, and hybrid processes.
The work of the enterprise is diverse, and increasingly it’s social. Recent studies have shown that as much as 75% of the tasks and activities workers pursue involve judgment and collaboration. In short, professionals are dealing with ad hoc or unstructured business process interactions. The solution you deploy must support how work gets done, via free-flowing, dynamic collaboration among team members.
Savvy organizations recognize that business processes do more than just facilitate workflow. Done well, processes become valuable and enduring enterprise assets that create and sustain competitive advantage involving partners, third-party service providers, and even customers.
Checklist for Evaluating Agile BPM Solutions
A new generation of Agile BPM has emerged, and these solutions are becoming required for organizations that want to create or maintain differentiation and competitive advantage in an environment of constant change.
This document provides a list of questions to check off when assessing Agile BPM solutions to ensure you’ll have the capabilities you need to respond to your fluctuating business dynamics. Access checklists within the The Executive Guide to Agile BPM: A Readiness Assessment.

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