Critical chain solutions to common project management problems

2016-05-16_20-18-07.jpg Lack of focus and the inability to manage uncertainty are two significant causes of project management problems, delays, diminishing quality, excessive project delays, and low team spirit. By addressing these root causes, critical chain project management (CCPM) techniques improve project speed, quality, on-time performance and team morale. In part 1 of the ebook series on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), I discussed the types of problems faced by project management that are addressed by CCPM.   Click here to access the visual guide to CCPM Part 2: The solutions proposed by CCPM.   ”Anyone who is working on projects and is concerned about on-time delivery should care about CCPM. Therefore, those who should care include CIO’s, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, program managers and project managers.” – Gartner, April 2016  

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