Building process-driven applications on Salesforce App Cloud with Xpeditor

Clearly, it’s time for IT to dramatically extend its capabilities and reinvent itself. No longer is it enough to just meet the current needs of the business; IT needs to position itself as the enabler for continual adaptation of the corporate operating model to ongoing waves of change.

– Cognizant, The Future of Work Has Arrived: Time to Re-Focus IT

Start building process-driven applications today!

In an era when change arrives without warning and threatens to eradicate entire companies and industries overnight, organizations can survive and prosper only by engaging the minds and emotions of all employees, providing them with the right tools and encouraging them to use their initiative to adapt the organization to the changes buffeting it.
Empowering individuals and teams to take responsibility for building solutions will produce the flywheel effect – each small push, taken together over time, can have an enormous impact.
Imagine the level of innovation that can be achieved by enabling your employees, working together, to create process-driven applications that help them solve challenges or take advantage of new business opportunities. Indeed, situational process represent billions of dollars in potential productivity gains, higher customer satisfaction, new business opportunities, faster time to market and innovation.
Competitive advantage is derived from unique situational processes rather than commodity packaged applications. Competitive advantage is derived from unique situational processes rather than commodity packaged applications.
To realize this potential will require bringing Shadow IT into the light, and a concerted effort that brings together all the necessary strands of platform, support, methodology, and mindset.
The ultimate goal: All citizen developers use Xpeditor on Salesforce App Cloud as the platform for developing their solutions – out of the shadows. Once everything is in place, you can set your employees free. The result will be a peak-performing, robust and sustainable organization – based on the shared efforts of thoroughly empowered, energized, self-reliant employees working with Xpeditor on  Salesforce App Cloud!
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