How to Build Complex Salesforce Processes

Ideas for new solutions will spring from half-baked applications created by lay users who may start down the path toward a solution, but may lack the expertise to finish it.
Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual, Andy Mulholland, Chris S. Thomas, and Paul Kurchina
There are going to be times when users need someone with analyst skills to help them better define a complex Salesforce process. There are also going to be times when IT or third-party developers will need to be engaged to code some specific functionality for complex Salesforce processes.
This is the role of the Salesforce Process Engineer (SPE).
A Salesforce Process Engineer (SPE) is typically a Salesforce Administrator who has business analyst skills.
A Salesforce Process Engineer helps translate a user’s requirements into process terms, model the data needed to support the application, and help translate complex business logic. The analyst works with IT on behalf of users to secure access to corporate data as needed, and to work with users to write specifications for custom functionality.
The Seed-Evolve-Reseed Cycle
An important aspect of the emergent methodology is the idea of seeding. The SPE would work with users in the following way:
  • The SPE would basically seed the application with the user, helping the user put the first version in play.
  • The user(s) would then evolve the application any way they like.
  • There may be a point during this evolution where the analyst needs to get involved once more to reseed the application. Reseeding is necessary when evolutionary growth is no longer proceeding smoothly. It is also an opportunity to organize, formalize, and generalize information and application functionality created during the evolutionary growth phase so that it can be found and shared with others.
The best solutions will ultimately emerge from these small steps forward, with the “final” step representing the sum total of accumulated reseedings.   Interested in complex Salesforce processes? Read more about process management by requesting a copy of our white paper. oldphoto

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