7 Benefits Xpeditor Can Deliver to Your Organization Today

Salesforce App Cloud opens up a new world of exciting opportunities for new business solutions that will turbocharge your organization’s success.
To help you get the most benefit out of App Cloud as quickly as possible, Xpeditor offers an extensive amount of off-the-shelf functionality that can result in significant ROI.
Using Xpeditor, you can:
  1. Get a quick start on Salesforce App Cloud
Xpeditor makes it easy for business users to build their own applications without training or IT.
  1. Extend the reach of Salesforce process management functionality
Xpeditor provides a single solution for the full spectrum of business processes.
  1. Implement common processes quickly using process templates
Use the 30+ Xpeditor templates as a starting point to document your own processes. Customize them to fit your business and put them in production.
  1. Manage complex projects
In addition to the extensive process management functionality provided by Xpeditor, Xpeditor provides powerful project management functionality. Xpeditor treats projects as a collection of related processes with a pre-defined schedule. You can: track duration and planned/revised/actual start/end dates, calculate the critical path of the project, track and assign resources to tasks, manage the project in a Gantt chart.
  1. Increase management visibility over process status
Provide holistic status visibility over all the steps in multiple processes without having to navigate through multiple screens.
  1. Get a complete picture of who is doing what and when
Xpeditor Work Manager is a Kanban chart, where each card can originate from: a Xpeditor process, a Xpeditor project, Salesforce tasks, standalone tasks added from Work Manager, any 3rd party application through an API
  1. Automate unstructured processes
Unstructured processes are driven by the user – not the workflow engine. The engine provides constraints as to which activities are presented and/or required, but the user selects which event to work next.  

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