50+ things to look for when selecting a business process management system for the Salesforce platform


Salesforce provides great process automation tools. Automation assumes predictability and stability. But what happens when processes are unpredictable and dynamic? This is not the domain of Salesforce process management tools. 

salesforce-process-management.pngTo get a better understanding of what a system capable of handling situational business processes looks like, download 50+ things to look for when selecting an Enterprise Process Management solution for the Salesforce platform.

Here are some examples: 

Process Methodology

Does the system support the full range of process development methodologies?


  • Repetitive processes. The same process executes without modification for multiple instances.
  • Unique processes. A process template is modified for each instance.
  • Emergent processes. These are design-by-doing processes, where the process is built on-the-fly, and is only fully visible in retrospect.
  • Adaptive processes. These are past executions of a process that have been made into templates for future processes with the similar characteristics into new or improved processes.
  • Just-in-time processes. These are pre-built processes that are created by combining other pre-built processes.

Process structure spectrum

Does the system support the full spectrum of process structures?



Dynamic control

Does the system allow users control of process flow while the flow is being executed?

For example:


Process templates

Is it possible to build a library of process templates that can be added to other processes, at both design and runtime (i.e. while a process is already in progress)?

Process re-usability

Is it possible use a process as a sub-process in any other process?

Process versioning

Does the system support multiple versions of a process?

Process cloning

Does the system support cloning of processes? 

Landing Page

If you require a tool on the Salesforce platform that goes beyond simple process automation, one that addresses highly complex processes, processes that are less structured and less predictable, and/or processes with hundreds or thousands of steps, you need to make sure you find the appropriate solution.

To do this, you need a comprehensive understanding what this solution looks like. 50+ things to look for when selecting an Enterprise Process Management solution for the Salesforce platform provides everything you need to know to make the right decision for your organization.

  • Going beyond Salesforce native functionality
  • Process types
  • Process design
  • Process execution
  • Process monitoring
  • Process analysis
  • The ultimate goal

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