Two Worlds Collide Beautifully: Process Management & Project Management

 Jim Sinur is an independent thought leader in applying business process management (BPM) to innovative and intelligent business operations. Until recently, he was Research Vice President at Gartner Inc., covering the business process management sector.

This blog is an interview with Jonathan Sapir, the founder and CEO of SilverTree Systems. Jonathan is committed to bringing these worlds together with his technology Xpeditor. Let’s dig into the premise and find out the logic behind bringing these forces together.



Jim: How is the nature of work changing?

Jonathan: The virtualization of the workforce – where employee can work from anywhere – and the virtualization of work – where work may be done by anyone, inside or outside the organization – significantly increases the everyday problems all organizations experience: things falling through the cracks, lag time between tasks, and the lack of visibility over who is doing what when. 

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