Anyone who is working on projects and is concerned about on-time delivery should care about CCPM. Therefore, those who should care include CIO’s, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, program managers and project managers.” – Gartner, April 2016

What if you could …

  • dramatically shorten overall project duration (without adding resources);
  • significantly improve project delivery date reliability;
  • provide highly effective “early warning” of threats to project delivery; and
  • enable earlier, less drastic, more focused responses to potential problems? 

These are some of the benefits offered by Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). CCPM is a method of planning and managing projects that significantly increases the speed at which processes can be completed, by reducing the impact of negative behavior, uncertainty, and limited resource availability.

And yet …


Citizen developers are here to stay and will fundamentally change the future of IT work.  How you embrace them will determine the future of IT within your organization and the role IT plays in the creation of new innovative business practices. – Mike Rollings (Gartner), Citizen Development: Reinventing the Shadows of IT

Corporate IT is starting to strangle citizen developers on the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce platform has been a tremendous gift to citizen developers. Citizen developers are end users who create business applications without the involvement, or with limited involvement of corporate IT. This collective effort across the organization is often referred to as Shadow IT.